• Delicious, scrumptious, tasty

    Nut Free Milk Chocolate

    Luxury ingredients based on quality, purity and flavour. We believe in truly having something gorgeous for everyone.

  • Have you seen our

    Fantastic Bambino Range

    For our little darlings, little treats for whether they dislike nuts, or too young for them.

  • Relax, enjoy


    Relax and enjoy your stunning Belgian chocolates filled with your favourite delights.

  • Beautiful, delicious

    Bespoke chocolate gifts

    for those special occasions, something beautifully unique for everyone

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Nut Free Chocolates Being Made

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Our Ranges


For our little darlings, little treats for whether they dislike nuts, or are too young for them. We love our range of chocolate smothered marshmallows, pretty lollipops, chocolate frogs, tiny chocolate bars and much more. Ideal for a delightful treat, or something different for party bags and special occasion.

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Our gorgeous hand-made, moulded chocolates paired with stunning centres ranging from dramatic fruit partnerships to your favourite tipple. Within this range we also dedicate ourselves to our seasonal selections, wedding favours and chocolate displays for wedding cakes.

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The unique range. All lovingly and individually hand dipped chocolates with more unusual centres, all packed in a lush 3 drawer chest - perfect for gifts, special occasions or just as a well deserved, decadent gift to yourself!

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Whatever the season, we have sensational nut free items to suit every occasion: Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We hand make everything from Valentines Truffles to Christmas Tree decorations.

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