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I've always loved chocolate. From as far back as I can remember it has played a delightful part in my life. Along with that delight was frustration.

About Nut Free Chox

Every single birthday and Christmas I would receive beautiful chocolate selection boxes that I was desperate to eat immediately, but, of course, cross-contamination was too large a risk and these treats were invariably given away to others. This has been a theme throughout all of my adult life – where can we go out to eat that is safe; what if I pass it onto my children; how do I get a safe chocolate fix?! Those of you with the same condition will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Then the light bulb moment came: what about other sufferers like myself; what about their families and children, as well as those people who are just disappointed with chocolate selections that have nuts in because they don't like them? Then came the thought of businesses giving corporate gifts: were they putting people at risk by giving clients and employees products that could contain nuts?

So Nut Free Chox was born in our nut free kitchen with our nut free recipes.

Allergic to nuts or simply not a nut fan – we hope you all love our chocolates as much as we do.

Take care,